One of the benefits of switching from paper timesheets to TimeKeeper is being able to utilise sensors on modern mobile and tablet devices. One example of this is the GPS sensor which allows you to locate exactly where an employee is clocking in and out.

Having each clock in/out on mobile associated with a location has a number of advantages:

  • You can now see realtime via the TimeKeeper portal at a glance where each employee clocked in real time
  • You have a digital audit trail that can be used for health and safety inspections e.g. an up-to-date in building report in the event of a fire
  • You can go one step further and enable Geofences on jobs within TimeKeeper to ensure employees are on site when clocking in.

What we want to talk about is geofencing and how to enable geofenced clock ins for jobs within TimeKeeper in 3 easy steps. The process is super simple and configurable to your needs.

  1. Go to your Account section of TimeKeeper and click "Require Job on Clock In/Out" and then "Enforce Geofence on Clock In/Out of Jobs?"
Configuring Geofence Clock Ins on TimeKeeper

2. An option will appear that allows you to enter the radius of Geofence clock ins allowed in metres. So if you typed 50 for example this would mean you can only clock in if you are within 50 metres of the address listed for that job.

Configuring a Geofence radius in metres

3. Finally for each job, just enter a job address and we'll search for it via Google Maps. Once you find the address you will see the location pop up on a map. Save the job and now you have enabled geofence clock ins for this job.

Setting an address for a job

So you might be asking what happens if an employee clocks in outside of the Geofence. Well it's quite simple, we just let them know that on clock in as the image below demonstrates.

Example of a denied geofence clock in 

That's it - super simple, toggle a few settings and enter in an address and you're done. This works perfectly for workers travelling out to client's homes, building sites and office premises.

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