One of the most frustrating, mind numbing and hair pulling parts of calculating timesheets manually is converting from hours and minutes into the equivalent decimal representation. The reason being this is the format lots of software expect to be entered.

Everyone knows the formula:


One Hour = 60 minutes which in decimal representation is 1. So it would follow that 30 minutes is equivalent to a decimal of 0.5.

So to convert from minutes to decimal representation simply use the formula below:

Decimal Hours = Minutes / 60


The part where it starts to get tricky is when you get into the odd numbers. If I said to you what is 47 minutes in decimal representation how quickly can you answer?

If you got it instantly then bravo you are arithmetic genius and probably don't need any help!

For the rest of us (including myself) we decided to create a handy excel calculator to help solve this task for us/

Simply enter in the hours and minutes and we'll calculate the decimal format for you! We've also listed each minute along with the decimal equivalent as a handy reference.

Hours and Minutes to Decimal Format Calculator
Hours and Minutes to Decimal Format Calculator

Download the Hours/Minutes to decimal format excel calculator file here.

If you have any queries on the above then please do reach out to us at Additionally if you are sick doing decimal conversions then check out  TimeKeeper at - which comes with a free 14 day trial!