For a business to run successfully, it must ensure that their workforce is optimally staffed at all times. One particular problem businesses face is keeping track of who's off across their organisation at any point in time.

Traditionally, many companies use a calendar on the wall or paper-based holiday leave requests which can be slow, laborious and inefficient. Thankfully many digital systems exists today that bring the eave management process into the digital age. One of my personal favourite features within TimeKeeper is our leave management system.

Here’s how it works….

With TimeKeeper, employees simply request their leave via the TimeKeeper app or on our web portal. Once a request is submitted, the relevant line manager is notified via email. Management can then approve or decline the request and a confirmation email with the status of their request is sent to the employee and line manager.

This digital flow brings great benefits to an employer and their employees. An employee can see exactly how much leave they have remaining for the year as well as any upcoming approved leave.

One common requirement for businesses is that not too many members of the same team are off at any one time, something that is easily forgotten when tracking leave requests via paper.

When booking leave, an employees can also see if any work colleagues – in the same team - have already booked their leave over the dates in question. This means the employee is well aware of the likelihood of the request being granted as well as the manager having a snapshot view of how this leave request will effect the team.

Remember those paper wall calendars that employers love to use? Well TimeKeeper has that, only in a digital and interactive version. Employers have a visual representation of their team holidays so they can effectively plan into the future.

Snapshot of TimeKeeper Leave Wall Calendar

Enjoy hassle-free, well-managed leave with TimeKeeper and leave holiday management nightmare well behind. Start your 14 day free trial today at