We've been quiet on the blog, but busy building some amazing features for our clients over the first half of the year. Check out some of our most recent additions to TimeKeeper.

Xero Payroll Integration

Xero TimeKeeper Sync

A big one - TimeKeeper now supports sending timesheets to Xero in just a few short clicks. Check out here for more information on how it works.

Employee Documents

Now you can upload documents that are attached against an employee. This can be useful for things like sick notes, employee licence and certification documents (such as CSCS) cards and more.

Upload Employee Documents with optional expiration date

Roll Call Report

Look back historically to see who was in/out at a given time and place across your staff. Really vital to have in the event of a fire or for COVID 19 Track and Trace investigations.

New System Status Page

We've added our own system status page so we can keep our customers informed of incidents and outages that may be ongoing. View more at https://status.timekeeper.co.uk.

New Employee Time Entries Editor

The existing time entries editor was great but slow to make lots of changes. We rolled out a new time entries editor that makes managing time entries for employees an absolute breeze.

Employee Time Entries Editor

Multi-Level Timesheet Approval Workflow

Does your timesheets go through multiple levels of approval before being signed off? Well you can do that now in TimeKeeper, supporting up to 3 levels of approval.

Timesheet Approvals

Employee Timesheet PDF

Who doesn't like a PDF? Well now you can export TimeKeeper employee timesheets out to PDF.

Export Timesheet as PDF

Performance Improvements

Some of our larger customers were hitting some limits on performance - so we made things snappier across the board, such as the leave wall calendar.


A bunch of small but important changes such as:

  • Adding work annivesaries and birthdays to the leave wall calendar
  • Adding employee emergency contact information
  • Adding the concept of team managers who can manage groups of employees
  • And much more...